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eQuintessence and Sylvain Gillier in the press:


The healing horses.

An article published in INEXPLORE, the journal of INREES, 

April 2014.


by Myriam GABLIER

Horse, mirror of our interiority

Linda Kohanov, who collaborates with the University of Arizona in the United States, created Eponaquest, a method of learning facilitated by the horse. [...]  “Horses don't judge or reject you for what you put out. It's the fact that you are trying to hide it that confuses them, says Linda Kohanov.  


Dr. Gillier-Imbs recounts as well as a plastic arts teacher, frequently confused during her lessons, came to consult him. The doctor offers to  " to teach "  to a horse.  “She starts by exercising domination. The horse starts to move. But instead of being happy with his result, she starts running in front of him, ”recalls the practitioner. The teacher thinks that if she does not join the horse, her order will not be followed. The animal no longer understanding each other's roles, it stops.  “The lady explains to me that this is what she does in class. She gives her students an exercise and tries to do it with them going from table to table. Obviously, it's exhausting. "  Dr Gillier-Imbs then suggested that he experiment with something else. He invites him to lead the horse, while remaining attentive to his own listening.


Horse remedy


An article on eQuintessence and Sylvain Gillier-Imbs, in partnership with the Regional Natural Park of Haute Vallée de Chevreuse.

The horse does not speak to us, it does a lot more, it reflects our emotions.  Beyond the physical power that it gives off, it is endowed with psychic strength and soothing social wisdom.


Equitherapy does not date from today, but it is developing more and more. eQuintessence, a new association, is dedicated to it.


An article published in "the echo of the Park", May 2015 (c) Patrick Blanc

Newestern magazine: special report " Indians and horses,

a connection story "


A special file on the horse workshops and Native American tradition of the Native Horse Project

in France in September 2017 , with reports and photos of the workshops with Clayson Benally (Navajo / Diné) 

by Juliane Bainaud


in N ° 43 of  NEWESTERN: read the article here



Native American peoples and horses


An article by Sylvain Gillier in the review   "Know everything Well - Being"

Except  series N ° 1 November 2018: Our Animals and us

Special report: Animals take care of us.


Read the full article here


Sylvain Gillier-Imbs offers a gentle method that uses the equine as a therapist and healer

For seven years, doctor Sylvain Gillier-Imbs has been offering equine therapy sessions in private stables in Rambouillet, a gentle method that uses the equine as a therapist and healer.  


The man who whispered in horses' ears is him. Rider and homeopathic doctor, Doctor Sylvain Gillier-Imbs defines himself as a "whisperer" capable of communicating with horses by feeling and observing their attitudes.  


“Everything is non-verbal. Exchanges take place, just by having eye contact with them or by observing their positions in front of us ”



An article published in the Echo Républicain of May 28, 2015 (c) Marine Vautrin



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