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In France,  equitherapy activities are often intended for disabled people who are hospitalized for long periods in specialized institutions. However, horse therapy is for anyone who wants to get to know themselves better. T he horses are carriers of an imaginary box, affecting the archetypal and mythic dimensions of being. They are excellent mediators of the dynamics of emotions, and have great potential for inspiration and creativity. Equine mediation, used according to the principles of humanistic and transpersonal psychology, is suitable for people who want to discover their inner nature.


Therapies with horses are powerful. They act with force on the subconscious contents. These therapies make it possible to quickly achieve convincing results on many symptoms and pathologies such as emotional disorders, phobias. They are an excellent aid to desocialization, social exclusion and social phobias.


For these reasons, activities with horses for therapeutic purposes should be carried out by well-trained and experienced professionals, both psychologically, psychiatrically and equestrian.


At eQuintessence, we favor the participation of seasoned and competent health professionals (doctors, licensed psychologists) and horse riding professionals (qualified instructors holding state certificates in ethical riding), a guarantee of quality and safety.

Horse therapy?

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