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Testimonials from participants  having experienced another relationship with the horse.


At the heart of the herd - testimony of a participant in an eQuintessence course


"Saturday 1st  November is the Indian summer in Rambouillet. This seems to bode well for a day of internship in a peaceful place embellished with autumn colors.


Horses have represented 30 years of my life, but since 2006, nothing ... no more classic riding, humans have disgusted me. Today, a new experience awaits me, sort of back to basics ... I can't wait  !


It all starts in a warm attic room. We are about ten participants installed in a circle.

I quickly feel at ease in this benevolent group.

Then comes the presentation on the principles which govern equine relations within the herd, marked by dominance, leadership… and yet far removed from the human pattern in our current societies.

Then the reference to the excellent J.-F. Pignon I met last week.


Noon, things are getting clearer  !


Direction the quarry and the feeders. It is now a question of practicing the blurred gaze so well described by Sally Swift… and of choosing "  his  »Horse, partner for the afternoon exercises. Observation from afar or coming closer  ? It is quite natural that I invite myself among the equines.


My choice is Golden, the merens, whose  I like the soft and curious look.


After the lunch break comes the time for the workshops. Three exercises  to practice with a horse running free in the round of the loin  : dominance, presence and leadership. All my memories of working in freedom come back… at full gallop  !


While we wait quietly among the horses, each participant takes turns entering the corral, to make his equine partner walk or trot in a circle, to encourage him to follow his human leader ...  But above all, you have to refocus, check your congruence and define your objective with Sylvain.


My goal  ? Make my presence at Golden accepted by direct contact (although I am not sure that the hugs are really part of the internship, but "  everything is possible  ", so…). The latter is busy grazing a few blades of grass under the lists ... the game is not won  !  


I suddenly perceive a furtive gleam in his eyes  ; he raises his head, moves away from the lists and waits for me ... here we are connected  ! Objective achieved, I leave the round of the loin, overwhelmed by an emotion that I can not express other than by a stupid "  NS  "  !!!


The day ends. To close the course, we return for a short time in the room to exchange our impressions. Difficult to separate, the magic of the group has operated ...


There is no doubt that this superb day in the heart of the herd will remain engraved in my memory ...

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