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Why therapies with horses?


Why are horses such great partners in therapy?


This is because, for more than 10,000 years, man and horse have together  beautiful common history ... Until the beginning of the 20th century, animals and humans shared their daily life, in the fields, at war or simply to move around. Children and adults alike had contact with many animals: dogs, sheep, farm animals, and of course horses.   


For about fifty years, animals have not been so present in our life.  However, as Dr Didier Vernay, neurologist at Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital and President of the French Association for Information and Research on Companion Animals (Afirac) says:  “The animal offers a more readable register of communication based on universal elements such as the gaze, the quality of presence, the fact of being able to be touched ... There is no intentionality, no judgment. It is a free, total and unconditional relationship ” .


These are the qualities that make horse therapy so effective.  Horse  is a therapist of great finesse.

He has the ability to give unconditional love all  by remaining attentive to the needs of each person. And the therapeutic results are visible.


T oday,  horses are freed from their task as beasts of burden. They  no longer need to work for us in the fields or transport our soldiers to war. Now the equines have a much more important mission:  make us work on ourselves while carrying our psychic weight, and make the human being understand his true nature!



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