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Since 2014, Sylvain Gillier is a certified Advanced Eponaquest Instructor POH and Master Herder.

The Advanced Eponaquest® Instructor is an advanced Eponaquest® Instructor who has completed over 160 additional hours of co-facilitation and coaching directly supervised by Linda Kohanov.

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Linda Kohanov evolves her training as her research continues. Eponaquest Instructors can take the continuing education course that Linda Kohanov offers after each major evolution in the tools of the Eponaquest® Approach.

With the release of her book, "The Power of The Herd", Linda Kohanov created a special certification, POH , as well as the Master Herder certification was created after the release of the book "The 5 Roles of the Master Herder".

After 2 years of training, , many trips to the USA, and a lot of practical work, Sylvain graduated as an advanced Eponaquest POH and Master Herder instructor. That was in 2014... and it's been almost 10 years already!


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