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Connection 101

Over 7 hours of videos and online lessons

directed by Linda KOHANOV

to prepare for your Eponaquest instructor training.  

Y ou want to strengthen your social ties, your self-confidence,

your leadership skills, your emotional balance?

Would you like to join the Eponaquest course and master the basic principles of the approach?   

"Connections 101" is for you!


"Connections 101"
a series of videos and an online course
with Linda KOHANOV
to prepare for the Eponaquest instructor training.

Interview of Linda KOHANOV by Sylvain GILLIER on MAY 14, 2021: REPLAY

Connections 101 , Linda Kohanov's online course has just been released. 

This course allows you to know the basic tools developed by Linda Kohanov and to prepare you to integrate the Eponaquest instructor training.  During our webinar on May 15, 2021, Linda confirmed that, soon, the Eponaquest instructor training will be available with the online course , completed by a day of practice or an introductory course , in situation with horses. , by being accompanied by a certified Eponaquest instructor.

See the list HERE  French-speaking instructors on the website of the Association Eponaquest France:

Through her work with horses, Linda Kohanov helps humans and horses better understand and use the message of emotions more effectively .

Does the oil light come on on your car's dashboard? No need to try to hide it with duct tape ... or on the contrary to complain. The only thing to do ... is to add more oil!

Emotions are like this oil sight glass: simple indicators that concrete action is necessary to restore optimal functioning of the system.

Horses teach us in the non-verbal. This makes the video suitable enough to transcribe their messages, even if distance learning cannot replace an experience in the presence of horses!

In this video series, Linda shares her latest research on emotional and social intelligence , leadership, and recent findings in neurophysiology.  This online course was created by Linda, but it is driven by the teachings of horses .

In this online course , you will learn skills that you can immediately use at home, at work and in your social relationships, and also with the animals in your household. Skills that will improve your relationships, help you deal with stress, and allow you to help others deal with their emotional reactions. Isn't that especially important in this time of pandemic, where the emotions of fear, anxieties and anger are more and more present?

Whether you are a seasoned rider, horse enthusiast, owner, or simply because you love to be with horses, this course will provide you with useful skills in your everyday life .  

Connections 101 is an adaptation of the Eponaquest introductory workshops  that Linda has given to thousands of people around the world.

Seven hours of videos in sequences of 20 minutes maximum,  lectures, stories and storytelling , scientific knowledge and practical exercises, distributed  in three chapters. Access to the online course is open 24 hours a day, with no time limit . The entire course is subtitled in French.

This course is certifying to validate the Eponaquest instructor training, with a day of accompaniment by a certified Instructor or an Eponaquest introductory course

“Connections 101” also includes downloads, suggested reads and an original musical sequence composed by Linda with her husband Steve Roach, Grammy-nominated pioneer of Ambient music.  And, of course, the course is fully subtitled in French.

To buy “Connections 101”: CLICK THIS LINK

By using this link to consult the “Nelda University” site, you will benefit from a 10% reduction with the  promotional code 10OFFCONNECTIONS

Use your code  at any time to benefit from a 10% reduction on the total amount of your purchase.

Please note: the discount code  10% will only be active if you use it during your first connection to the Nelda University website.

Become an Eponaquest Instructor

If you are interested in Eponaquest ™ training (professional course: Eponaquest apprenticeship to become an Eponaquest ™ Instructor), and you wish to validate your training by a day in person with an Eponaquest instructor in France, please refer to the page Become an Eponaquest ™ Instructor of the Eponaquest France website  or consult this page

The Eponaquest instructor curriculum is being redesigned by Linda, and it will soon incorporate elements of online training (live / videoconferencing with Linda) and face-to-face sessions in France, with Advanced Eponaquest instructors certified by Linda.

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