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Introductory workshops to the Eponaquest approach:
In one day, a  weekend or over three days, the first steps to discover and experience the Eponaquest approach and the "Tao of the Horse"

by Linda Kohanov.


Introductory courses:

Introductory workshops to the Eponaquest approach: in one day, two or three days, experience the values and basic tools of Linda Kohanov's Eponaquest approach: understand the connection with the horse, use emotions as information, learning to set limits, discovering your leadership style.  


Practical internships 

With practical exercises, practiced in groups, you acquire a concrete knowledge of  the approach described in Linda Kohanov's bestseller  The Tao of the Horse.

The courses are led by Sylvain Gillier, advanced instructor Eponaquest, trained directly by Linda Kohanov in the USA.

Validating internships

for EPONAQUEST Apprenticeship


For those who want to go further and participate in one of the advanced Eponaquest courses offered by Linda Kohanov or another Eponaquest advanced instructor, participation in an introductory course  Eponaquest is a necessary passage.  


Some eQuintessence courses are valid for access to the advanced Eponaquest courses and / or the Eponaquest instructor training.

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