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 "WAY OF THE HORSE", by Linda Kohanov.



Linda Kohanov, a specialist in horse-facilitated learning, is opening up a new path for us to understand human beings through horses. According to her, these animals so close to humans have a lot to teach us about ourselves and can help us overcome our difficulties, refocus and find the inner path of authenticity.

To create this box set containing a book and 40 beautifully illustrated cards, Linda Kohanov teamed up with painter Kim McElroy. Based on the symbolism expressed in the myths of several cultures and civilizations throughout human history, as on the research of Carl Gustav Jung on archetypes and synchronicities, they offer us a path of discovery awakening our own capacities of sensitivity. , understanding, decision-making ... in order to draw inspiration from the wisdom of horses to better find our way and our development.

• A box full of wisdom, including a powerful book written by Linda Kohanov and 40 beautiful cards by painter, Kim McElroy.



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