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Healing and transformation by the way of the horse:


There is a saying that the horse is not only man's finest conquest, but also man's best friend. With this book, we understand better why Linda Kohanov,  American writer and journalist,  has become a specialist in horse-assisted therapy, which we are discovering here like never before. Through her innovative and inspired approach to the animal world, Linda Kohanov explains how to overcome her own difficulties, challenges or failures by transforming them into so many opportunities to grow. Accepting to step out of your comfort zone, discovering our vulnerabilities and applying our leadership are all skills that horses offer us to acquire.  This understanding based on non-verbal language  allows everyone to release their inner strength and power of creativity.

The horse, the perfect mirror of man, allows us to trust our intuition and engages us to express our true feelings in an authentic way.


Best-seller in the United States, the book   The Tao of the Horse  presents us directly the experiences at the origin of the concepts developed by Linda, and brings essential keys to understand, communicate and deepen our relationship with these fabulous animals. It also opens the doors of a new perception, of a world of cooperation, respect and coherence, of an original interior journey towards authenticity; an alchemical transformation of our inner being.


Linda Kohanov offers training with her structure, Eponaquest Worldwide.  

In May 2021, Eponaquest training is possible online, with an integration day accompanied in person by an instructor, in France.



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