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In France, the Eponaquest approach is represented by a group of qualified Eponaquest instructors, certified after training provided in Europe and the United States, and who work within a network where they have supervision. . They are also health professionals (psychologists, doctors), coaching and team-building professionals, and qualified horse riding professionals (BFEE or ATE instructors).


Eponaquest instructors all respect the  Eponaquest Ethics Charter that you can read here . Some instructors have taken additional training, the "POH" qualification. Some have followed an advanced qualification allowing them to teach courses.  The full list of instructors is on the official website of Eponaquest in France .



Download the Eponaquest France brochure: personal development & professional skills strengthening facilitated by  horses.


To learn more about the Eponaquest instructors trained by Linda Kohanov and the Eponaquest Foundation, see  the Eponaquest (c) approach page in France  or the  Eponaquest Worlwide page.


The horse in its natural environment is a model of non-predatory social behavior in an authentic community: the herd. However, in the current environment of our civilization, in education, in the workplace or by the images conveyed in the media, everything is centered on a principle of competition, where we use the weaknesses of others to profit, and where one uses the destructive weapons of shame, criticism  and blame to demean opponents. The horse, him,  teaches us how to exercise the values of non-predatory wisdom, partnership, living together and community cooperation in a higher vision.


Knowing non-verbal language, knowing how to set limits, being able to instigate a clear direction while keeping one's energy, and staying centered on one's inner compass in the middle of a group, these are learning which becomes absolutely necessary - vital, even - in the chaotic and changing world we inhabit.

In MAY 2021, the ONLINE TRAINING with Linda KOHANOV "Connexion 101"  is AVAILABLE in French subtitles. The basic Eponaquest instructor training is possible online, being supplemented by a  day of practical exercises in face with the horses. :  


SEE HERE for information on the online course

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