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Who are we?

eQuintessence, c'est un réseau de professionnels du développement personnel facilité par le cheval  et de l'accompagnement thérapeutique par les médiations équines, créé par Sylvain GILLIER . eQuintessence propose des sessions de groupe, des médiations équines et des accompagnements thérapeutiques assistés par les équins.
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eQuintessence is a  collaborative community of certified health professionals (equine therapists, psychologists) and horse riding professionals .

The eQuintessence network was created by Dr Sylvain Gillier, MD and equitherapist, certified Eponaquest teacher, member of the SIPME ( Interprofessional Union of Equine Mediation).  

Our values:  Quality and learning from experience.

eQuintessence offers sessions in equine mediation and equine-assisted personal development with the Eponaquest approach. These sessions are led by certified professionals .


eQuintessence favors real-life settings for a truly experiential learning,   and organizes validating workshops for the Eponaquest training created by Linda Kohanov.

eQuintessence is based on the values of its ethical chart : respect for animal welfare, responsible equestrian practices, teaching based on experience.

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