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Constellations of the Self ™

  What is that ?


Constellations of the Self  is a new approach to therapy by the horse (equitherapy) and equipsychology based on the contributions of systemic therapies and the concept of sub-personalities. The approach was developed by Dr Sylvain Gillier. This is not the practice of the Family Constellations of  Bert Hellinger.


The Constellations of the Self with the horse is an original approach created in 2017 by Dr Gillier. Recent research in psychology but also in neurophysiology (the functioning of the brain in real time) shows that, in reality, our consciousness is not a monolithic block. It is not a single voice that says "me" inside of us, but rather a committee of several "people" called "the sub-personalities".  


The approach of these sub-personalities, of these diverse voices which speak inside our psyche, is based on the principle of " personal legend " with the horses and of " mythological journey with the horses ", according to the definition of Joseph Campbell:   :  "... there is a basic mythological principle that what mythology considers the other world is actually our inner world."  


The Self Constellations ™ approach is to become aware, study and  know these different components of the self, the "archetypes in us" in the sense of CG Jung.


Horses help us with their natural ability to reflect  these different parts. 

"...  there is a basic mythological principle that what we think of as the imaginary world of myths and legends is really nothing but our own inner world. "


Joseph campbell

"... si ce que vous voulez, c'est rendre le monde meilleur, commencez par faire en sorte que les gens se sentent davantage en sécurité"
Dr Stephen W. Porges


How does it work in practice?


The practices of  Constellations of the Self ™  are inspired by the approaches of humanistic psychology and the synthesis of the self,  in particular the works of Carl G Jung on archetypes and interior characters, of Jérôme Bernstein on Borderland personalities, and of the works of Roberto Assagioli, Sidra Stone, Richard Schwartz and  James Hillman on  sub-personalities.


Horses show us by their positioning how our own inner universe is organized.  The sessions require a facilitator trained in equitherapy and connection with horses, through the practice of Eponaquest © techniques of "Heart Breathing", "Mutual Respect" and "Energetic Boundaries" , the energy limits.


The exercises consist of Self Constellation ™ sessions on the ground surrounded by horses or, for FFE registered riders, group mounted exercises. Self Constellation sessions are organized during internships.


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