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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about eQuintessence internships

What happens if the internship cannot take place because of confinement, health rules  or a curfew?

The courses and training are organized according to the health recommendations in force on that date.

We will offer you a full refund of your participation in the event of cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How much does it cost ? Can I be funded? Are there reduced rates for job seekers / students?

Your participation in the courses is approximately 140 € per day of the course for the Eponaquest intro courses and the advanced personal development courses. This is around 420 € for the participation in a three-day course.

If you register more than two months before, or during a promotion, the price is between 350 and 400 €.

As a general rule, personal development internships cannot be funded by official funding bodies such as FIF-PL or by Pôle Emploi. Requests for topics in personal development are almost always refused. 

For some internships, we offer reduced rates for job seekers and students.

We sometimes offer practice exchanges.

There is, for certain internships, the possibility of benefiting, upon written request,  eQuintessence scholarships which cover part of the participation.  


How to access funding for an eQuintessence training module? Can I use my CPF?

Generally speaking, personal development internships are not supported by funding bodies such as FIF-PL or VIVEA. Funding for personal development internships by Pôle Emploi is generally refused. 

The eQuintessence training modules are open to funding. Pending QUALIOPI audits, we cannot directly fund your Personal Training Account. There is funding possible by Pôle Emploi (AIF ° file, by several OPCOs including FIF-PL, AGEFICE, VIVEA, or others. The first step is to  complete this questionnaire  in order to assess whether funding will be possible.  

Are therapy sessions or group sessions reimbursed by French Social Security or Health Insurance?

Today, in 2021,  equine therapy or equine mediation care  are not reimbursed by social security.

Some mutuals are timidly starting to reimburse alternative care such as equine therapy or mediation sessions with equines. In the USA, many mutuals already reimburse care with horses for soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Syndrome (PTSD). 

Some therapeutic courses may be  reimbursed by your mutual, or your employer's health service, upon prior request for approval.

At your request, we will send you all supporting documents, receipts and documents useful for obtaining your reimbursement.  

How do I register for an internship? What are the conditions ? Is there a refund if I cancel?

It is possible to register for an internship  from this page , and we will ask you to give us some information about your experience, your diet and your intentions. This information remains confidential.

Your registration is effective upon receipt of payment for your internship, by check, PayPal or bank transfer. 

In general, exceptional circumstances and cases of force majeure fully open your rights to a full refund.

Cancellations due to health regulations in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible for your refund.

The conditions for participation and total or partial reimbursement of your participation are detailed in this document.

How do the eQuintessence courses take place?

The courses take place by alternating theoretical elements in the room, and practical exercises with the horses. The exercises are done outdoors, in the presence of the horses. Usually, we do not ride horses, because the exercises and workshops aim to improve the connection with the horse, which is done first on the ground, next to the horse. Some people are afraid to approach a horse, and in these cases, every precaution is taken to respect the limits and needs of each of the participants. Sometimes online sessions are offered, to prepare for the internship, or for post-internship integration.


What are the schedules ? What are we going to do during the internship?

Days usually start around 9:30 am and end around 6 pm.

The courses are organized over 2 or 3 days (for introductory courses) and 4 days and more (for advanced courses). 

Some courses take place over several weekends.

There are some courses that are organized in immersion, and participants share meals and accommodation for the duration of the course.

In general, the days include an exchange with the participants, theoretical lessons and practical exercises. Depending on the individual and collective experience of each group, the program can be adapted and / or modified. The important thing is that each participant receives an individualized experience, and that the group builds a common dynamic. Depending on the weather conditions, the course schedules can be adjusted, for example during the hot weather in summer. 

The hours of the courses are in principle from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, with a break of one hour and a half for the midday meal.  

What is the eQuintessence internship program? Can I receive this internship program in advance?

With eQuintessence, we are inspired by the Eponaquest approach, and there is value  basic practice by teacher Linda KOHANOV:  adaptability and curiosity are better than methodology. We always prefer authenticity over perfection.

During the eQuintessence courses, we are committed to letting what wants to emerge.

In accordance with these values, we do not establish in advance a predetermined program for the internships.

For each internship topic, there are concepts that are presented, theoretical and practical lessons, and exercises  with the horses.

All the fundamentals of the Eponaquest approach are  taught and practiced for Eponaquest certifying internships. 

But the exact course of the course is adapted according to each group.


How to best prepare an internship?

You can prepare for the Eponaquest intro courses by reading the books of Linda Kohanov, in particular the books "  the Tao of the Horse "and" Like Horses ... Together and mighty ".   The card book  "The Way of the Horse"  is a basis for advanced courses and some thematic courses that we organize.

You can prepare the eQuintessence courses by reading Sylvain GILLIER's book, "The teaching of horses", published by Trédaniel / Véga

Some courses include elements of active imagination and / or non-ordinary consciousness. In this case, participants are notified in advance.

Some internships include online preparation sessions.


Is knowledge of horse riding necessary to participate?

No, no knowledge of horseback riding is necessary. The eQuintessence approach connects with the innate wisdom of the body, and learns to speak the natural language of the horse, which is also used by  "whisperers" of equine ethology.

Most of the exercises are done "on the ground", that is to say that we connect to the horses by standing next to them.

Our rider friends are welcome to the courses.



Do we ride on horses during the workshops ?

No, we don't ride horses. The work and the practical exercises are done on the ground, being on foot close to the horse. Horses are very sensitive to non-verbal communication through gestures and posture.  The exercises are done while standing near the horses, sometimes behind a fence.

Some advanced courses  are offered to riders holding an up-to-date license from the FFE (Fédération Française d'Equitation). During these courses for riders, there are some exercises set up and supervised by qualified riding instructors. These courses and exercises are aimed at  to certain experienced riders, holders of a license from the FFE,  who wish to get to know each other better or to know another facet of the relationship with their horse.



I would like to know more before committing myself. Can I participate in an internship as a free auditor?

Because of the special nature of the experience with horses, and because each group of trainees builds a community - a "herd",  free listeners interact with group dynamics, and as a result, we do not accept free listeners during the courses we run.


Are young children accepted in the courses? and in individual sessions?

Yes, children from eight years old are accepted for individual sessions, accompanied by their parents.

Minor children from 14 years old are accepted in the beginners or advanced courses, with the written authorization of their parents or guardians.

I don't have a car, I don't drive. How to come to an internship? 

At eQuintessence, we prioritize the well-being of horses and the wisdom of nature. So, some internship places are located in the middle of nature. Internships taking place in Ile-de-France are accessible from Paris  by SNCF or RER. The courses near Nîmes are accessible by the TGV station Nîmes.  In general, we do our best to make the training places accessible. Some internship locations are not easily accessible by public transport. We organize shuttles whenever possible (with prior registration)  and we favor carpooling with other participants. This requires sharing your email and / or phone details with other participants.  



How should I dress to come? Are special clothes needed?

The practical exercises take place outdoors. So it will be necessary to provide clothes corresponding to the weather!

Don't forget a hat and sunscreen for the summer camps!

For the safety of your toes, it is necessary to wear closed shoes for work in the presence of horses.



How many people will participate with me in an internship?

The courses are organized with six to twelve participants, to allow each one a personalized experience.

Depending on the composition of the groups, you may participate in part of the course in sub-groups of 4 to 6 people.


I would like to participate in activities with Native Americans and learn more about their horse culture. How to do ?

The 1901 Horse Communication law association, through the associative project  Native Horse Project  organizes exchange days and, exceptionally, study trips around Native American cultures and horses.  These associative and study days are reserved for active members of the Cheval Communication association.

To know more,  consult this page, become a member of the site  and  sign up  To  the Native Horse Project letter  to be notified directly.  



I would like to participate in an internship with Linda Kohanov. How is this possible?

Linda Kohanov is the author of the book "The Tao of the Horse" and the creator of the Eponaquest approach.

The majority of internships organized by Linda or her team members take place in the United States of America, usually in Arizona, near Tucson.

Linda Kohanov comes to France every two years or so to teach the Eponaquest training, give lectures and at least one  advanced course. All these courses are given in English. 

Linda's next internships in France are announced on the page of  the Eponaquest France association , with a diploma course as an Eponaquest instructor.

As an Eponaquest POH Advanced instructor, Dr Sylvain Gillier participates in these trainings. 

For more details see  the official page of Eponaquest in France  Where

Contact us by email at  for more information and for the next internship dates with Linda.


I want to meet Linda Kohanov at her home in Arizona.

At the request of groups already formed, for more than six people, we periodically organize courses in French in the Eponaquest Ranch, near Tucson in Arizona (USA), with interventions by Linda.

Contact us by email at  for more information.



I would like to become a certified Eponaquest Instructor.

The procedure to become an Eponaquest Instructor is detailed  on the official website of the Eponaquest approach in France .

Since March 2018 Sylvain Gillier has been an Advanced POH Master Herder Instructor and organizes validating advanced courses for the Eponaquest course, in France.  If you are interested in Eponaquest ™ training (professional path: Eponaquest apprenticeship to become an Eponaquest ™ Instructor), please refer to the page  Become an Eponaquest ™ Instructor .



Is it possible to train in the Eponaquest approach on line ?

Yes, since 2021, Linda KOHANOV has created Connexion 101 , a series of videos where  she shares her research on emotional and social intelligence and leadership through the prism of horse behavior. It teaches skills that you can use immediately at home, at work and in larger group settings; skills that improve your relationships, help you manage stress, and allow you to help others manage their emotional and behavioral reactions.

“Connections 101” is an adaptation of the workshops Linda facilitated for thousands of people. In this online teaching, Linda offers seven hours of video (in sequences of up to 20 minutes) of lectures, storytelling, scientific knowledge and practical exercises. See details here:

Instructor training is possible by taking the online course and  participation in an EPONAQUEST information day.

How does an individual session work?  is it  therapy with horses?

After an exchange and a general presentation, practical exercises will be proposed and explained, according to your expectations and your objectives.

The individual sessions last two hours, of which approximately 1h30 in the presence of the horses.

Individual sessions sometimes require prior consultation. They are only made by appointment. 

Two or three individual sessions are often necessary to fully develop the potential of working with horses.



What results can I expect from an internship? From an individual session? Training?

What are the differences between internships and training?

  - The introductory courses to the Eponaquest ® approach allow you to better understand the "horse" people  and directly experience the elements of the approach, such as the "emotional messages charter". 

  - The advanced Eponaquest courses allow you to practice and master the Eponaquest approach and they validate the prerequisites of the Eponaquest® Instructor course.

  - The individual sessions allow to deepen, in a personalized and therapeutic relationship, a personal problem or a life objective.

  - The Eponaquest introductory courses are a necessary step to access the advanced courses or the apprenticeship of Eponaquest instructor.

- internships  of eQuintessence therapy allow  to experience the eQuintessence approach from a therapeutic perspective.

- eQuintessence Formations trainings allow you to develop your mediation or therapy activity with the horse.



What is horse-assisted psychotherapy. What can I expect from it?

For the inhabitants of cities (and also of the countryside!) Who have lost contact with nature, therapy with horses is a powerful tool for self-knowledge.

Therapeutic internships allow better management of emotions, knowledge of oneself and of one's leadership faculties. Equine mediation therapy is very indicated in cases of post traumatic syndrome, in the aftermath of harassment, in cases of burnout or chronic fatigue in the private or professional sphere. 

The horse brings us a great feeling of freedom and communion with nature. But it also teaches emotion management, self-control, inner balance and perseverance.  So many values that help us to better ourselves  understand to grow, to become more authentic.


What is the Systemic Approach of Self Constellations®  ?

Systemic approaches are new therapeutic methods, based on brief therapies  who use  human and equine archetypes for therapeutic purposes. The practice of Constellations of the Self is a therapy by the horse based on the sub-personalities, the various components of the self, the "archetypes in us" and on the reflection by the horses of the positioning of these different parts around the self. The practice is clearly differentiated from Bert Hellinger's "Family Constellations". At eQuintessence, these therapeutic practices are implemented by qualified health professionals and holders of a State diploma.  


What does "eQuintessence" mean?

Quintessence in music is the fifth harmonic, the purest sound.

It is a term that evokes the invisible element hidden behind the appearance of the form.

In myths and legends around the world, the horse often has the ability to make visible what is not. The horse makes us travel between worlds and cross the depths of the unconscious. It connects us to the invisible "fifth element" by  the wonderful imagination he wears. The goal of the eQuintessence structure is to make known the quintessence of this mission of the Horse People to humans.

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