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Linda Kohanov, specialist in horse therapy, opens up a new path for us to understand human beings through horses. According to her, these animals, so close to humans, have a lot to teach us about ourselves and can help us overcome our difficulties, refocus and find the inner path of authenticity.


Thanks to them, we learn to change the way we interact with others - by better managing power games, trauma and other relational habits that prevent us from moving forward - and to maintain more harmonious relationships to regain well-being. and internal balance, but also a more just society, based on cooperation and respect.

A truly humanist, non-predatory approach to understand the non-verbal language of horses ... and humans, and discover the inner universe of our emotions.



A reference book - which serves as the basis for the introductory workshops to the Eponaquest approach organized by eQuintessence.


Books by Linda Kohanov in French

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