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eQuintessence Formation

Delivery of modules  up-to-date and continuing education  mediations facilitated by horses, taught by a training organization registered at Datadock and Dokélio,  opening rights to FIF-PL and Vivéa funding, and to the use of CPF / AIF project credits by Pôle Emploi.

Qualified trainers,  health professionals with a DE, and qualified riding teachers specializing in ethological riding.

With eQuintessence Formations, we offer  of  horse riding professionals ,  to professionals  medico-social sector  and therapists  sessions of  upgrading and continuing education.


Each of the thematic modules allows a  refresher on a subject. Soon, we will be offering continuing education sessions in animal mediation to health professionals who practice brief therapies. Under certain conditions, training sessions are accessible to job seekers and people with a professional retraining project. Each module is certifying and  accessible to funding for liberal professions, professionals  the horse riding sector and, in certain cases, to job seekers in retraining.


The  prerequisite  to integrate the training:   

You are professional  of the sector  equestrian,  employee  or employees in the center  equestrian, instructor or  companion  equestrian, horse breeders, or  professionals  in the health, medico-social or animal therapy sector, or under certain conditions,  in  retraining  or in  job search with a project  professional: Please complete this form , so that eQuintessence can support you in your training project.


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