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Individual sessions

in horse-assisted therapy

with Dr S. Gillier

Thursday afternoons from February 1, 2020, Saturdays, on request, for groups of at least 5 people.

Getting up after the accidents of the past life, asserting oneself on the paths of the future life, penetrating the power of the present moment.


The principle

The relationship with the horse reveals overlooked aspects of our soul. The horse sees itself as a prey, in the same way that a human being faced with danger or a test often considers itself a victim. The knowledge of ethological riding combined with personal development techniques allows us to reconnect with the wisdom of our own body and its non-verbal language. Faced with the being of the horse, we rediscover an ancient wisdom, learn to assert our personal space without aggressiveness, and become more connected to our own inner possibilities.


The sessions

Horse-assisted therapies are complementary to psychological or psychoanalytic treatment. The horse acts as a mirror of our emotions and our inner state. He is a powerful catalyst for getting to know each other better. The patient, the horse and the therapist work together to define a precise objective, for example "to make me better respected by my students" or "to request a change of work station". Practical exercises in freedom with the horse give us a  feedback  on our difficulties and our strengths. A dialogue with the therapist brings out practical solutions and an implementation of the change. The exercises are preceded by a careful examination of our psycho-body state, so that the knowledge obtained does not remain theoretical, but is integrated into the body.


In practice

Two or three sessions two weeks apart are generally recommended. In some cases, a prior medical consultation will be necessary.  

Horse-assisted therapy sessions with Dr Sylvain Gillier last about two  hours (1h30 with the horses). In principle, they take place in Yvelines, near Rambouillet, on Thursday afternoons.

There are possibilities of sessions  in groups of 3  to 5 people (by appointment only).

The sessions take place on the ground. You don't ride horses. No knowledge of horseback riding is necessary.

Participation : 90 €  per session. Online or on-site payment. Possibility of support under certain conditions.


Stage Juillet 2015 (c) Giul Lia Photgraphies et Domaine de Tara
Séance individuelle - photo (c) Giu Lia Photographies et Domaine de Tara
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